Asbestos is considered the number one occupational health killer in the second half of 20th Century. Thousands of people die each year from mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancer as a result of past exposure to asbestos.

HAAPCOL specializes in providing a comprehensive range of asbestos services, which include survey, removal, and disposal of the hazardous substance. This involves establishment of asbestos management programs, to locate and remove the existing asbestos containing materials and to replace them with non-asbestos materials.

Earlier the Council of Ministers had also issued Decision Number 162 (dated 21 /9/1418) for banning the use of asbestos materials and for disposing the existing asbestos containing materials. HAAPCOL, in liaison with a specialized Asbestos Survey organization, performs site surveys and subsequent sampling and analysis of the premises, for the suspected asbestos containing materials (SACM). The asbestos management studies enable the people who control premises to meet their obligations in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Using the most modern technology and equipment, we provide high quality services which include:

  • Identifying unsafe areas using specialist services for asbestos survey and analysis
  • Providing of visual aids for identification of locations (including drawings, photographs etc. here appropriate)
  • Securing contaminated areas to render the workplace / site safe
  • Encapsulation, where necessary
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos to the approved landfill sites.

Below is the Registered PME (Presidency of Meteorology and Environment) License for HAAPCOL: